How to make money with ecommerce

E-commerce is the fastest growing retail market and it is estimated to reach over trillions of dollars in the next 5 years, no wonder there are more people launching their online stores every day. Before you build your online store you need to know what to sell and how to source it. Making money in ecommerce involves more than just creating an online store and beginning to take orders. Many factors have to be considered to give your store the best chance at success. There’s no guarantee that a store will be successful. The disadvantage of running an ecommerce site is that the income is more active in the beginning but later transitions to passive as you hire employees and put your store on autopilot. To have an edge with your online store, Firstly you need to find a niche that will work best for you, for example, phone cases/accessories, technology, summer dresses, pet products, and baby products are the most popular online items shopped for right now. You can also go on social media (Instagram, Facebook etc.) and see what all of the popular influencers/users are promoting to get an idea of what you should sell. E-commerce is a fairly simple yet profitable method of making money online and this post will focus on generating revenue from your online store different marketing strategies ranging from Shopify to sell products and social media to promote your store.  When targeting your customers, it is best to be specific, this goes for Facebook ads and social media pages. If you are selling fitness watches, target people who are active and going to the gym regularly or if you are selling phone cases/accessories, target people who like to change phone cases or accessories to make their phones look good. There are different options which you can start an ecommerce, firstly you can build your online store with Shopify then Setup your payment processor or you could Market your store using Facebook and Instagram which tends to have the highest number of users globally. Finally do not forget to reinvest your profits, as your business grows, demand will grow so you need to put your money back into your business to cater to the influx of new customers(you have to invest before you can reap full benefits).  When your ecommerce business has a high level of traffic, there are plenty of potential customers who are visiting your store and viewing your products. If your ecommerce store is selling great products at an affordable price, the point then it’s only a matter of time until you start generating both traffic and revenue.   Unfortunately, there’s no guarantee that you’ll drive traffic to your online store right away and You’ll likely need to take advantage of marketing channels to draw traffic to your store. Before making a decision about which marketing channels are the best fit for your ecommerce business it’s important that you’re aware of the amount of traffic which you’ll need to generate to reach your financial goals. The amount of traffic which you’ll need to generate for your ecommerce store will differ depending on the amount of money that you want to earn. The convenient and fastest way to generate traffic to your online store is through marketing campaigns. There are a variety of different marketing channels which you can use to draw potential customers to your ecommerce store. We have broken down the different marketing channels which you can use to help you make the right decision for your ecommerce business. Pay-per-click marketing, involves businesses paying for a better chance to generate traffic for their online stores. If you’ve ever noticed that a Google search result had a yellow ‘Ad’ logo next to it or a Facebook post with ‘Sponsored’ at the top, then you’ve already seen PPC marketing in action. PPC marketing is great for generating traffic, increasing awareness for your brand, and ultimately increasing the number of sales you make. You’ll receive results from your campaigns quickly and you’ll only incur marketing fees when somebody clicks on your advertisement.   There are three main platforms which you can use for PPC marketing which are Google, Bing, and Facebook. If you choose Google or Bing for your PPC marketing you’ll be able to research the number of people who are searching for what you are posting, which will help to make your ecommerce stores advertisements more effective. The downside of using Google and Bing is that you won’t have exact information about your target audience, like their age, gender, or interests. If you’re using Facebook for your PPC marketing then you will be able to obtain information about your audience’s age, gender, and interests, but you don’t know how popular your advertisements will be. If the thought of investing money into your marketing efforts sounds like a daunting prospect then you can take advantage of low-cost marketing channels. Low-cost marketing channels take longer to yield results than PPC marketing, so it’ll take longer to draw the necessary traffic to your online store, but if done effectively they can offer a cost-effective way to draw traffic to your ecommerce store.   Content marketing is a popular low-cost marketing channel which you can use to generate traffic to your online store. You can create a blog and publish insightful SEO content which is related to your products to increase your organic search rankings and brand authority. You can use social media for your ecommerce business to alert your audience about new products, flash sales, or announcements related to your ecommerce store. An ecommerce solution should help with the problem of having too many customers to fulfill manually. Once you have that problem, make it as easy as possible for people to buy. It’s important to know who your ideal customers are so it makes your life easier to find out WHERE they are online / offline.  Being able to get your products online quickly and efficiently is a vital component to the long-term success of your ecommerce company, especially if you want to compete with big leagues. There are some key differences in the approach to starting an ecommerce business as opposed to a traditional business, before working on building trust with future prospects, you’ll need to lay the groundwork by filling out the proper paperwork and making sure you’re compliant with all necessary agencies and logistics—just like you would do with a business in a physical location.  Getting a domain name and business website —a good company name isn’t worth as much without a good website name to go with it. You don’t have an ecommerce store if you don’t have anything to sell. There are two ways you can approach this challenge.   You can create something from your own niche to solve the customer needs or You can take something that already exists and make something better, while also doing a better job of marketing it.  There are many different motivations for starting an ecommerce business, and many different desired results. Some entrepreneurs want to have an ecommerce store supplement their existing income and may even view it as a side hustle, while others want to reach a point where their online storefront is their primary job. No matter what they sell, all ecommerce entrepreneurs share a common goal: to make money. It is not a rosy path but always worth taking when the profits start to multiply and the efforts are paying off. Patience is a virtue. Kindly leave your comments if you need an online store built for you or any contributions and you can also book with us to a get a quote for your e-Commerce service here —

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